In the last 15 years I have been developing my activity as a PME consultant, with special focus on the financial and fiscal areas.

I also have relevant CFO experience in outsourcing, having already worked with several business groups, coordinating the respective financial area.

Since 2001 I am a Professor, being responsible for several disciplines in my area of ​​knowledge (Management, Accounting, and Taxation). I have taught at the ESB of the Portuguese Catholic University and at the IPL – Leiria Polytechnic Institute.

In academic terms, I hold a Master’s degree in Management from INDEG-ISCTE, I attended two postgraduate courses at that institution (“Advanced Accounting and Taxation” and “Business Management”), and I have a degree in Business Management from the University of Évora.

I founded my own company 15 years ago, UWU Solutions, which provides a set of solutions for SMEs in the field of accounting, tax advice (national and international), creation / improvement of business structures, and administrative management of human resources.